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dimanche 18 juillet 2021

you needn’t and shouldn’t seem to be older: Leave these forty outfits behind!

Huge, poofy hair

Did you see the Seinfeld episode the place Kramer used to be the solely one to remark on the girl chiropractor’s poofy hairdo? Well, it’s true. Poofy hair doesn’t precisely make you appear younger and fashionable. And all that greater styling is no longer precisely true for your tresses either.

You understand that poofy hair is now not precisely elegant when there is a Wikipedia article on massive hair.

Having too a lot quantity in your hair tends to date you instead than to flatter you. You resemble these excessive faculty yearbook snap shots of the 70s that you refuse to let all people see and desire have been by no means taken. 


 Avoid matching tops and bottoms collectively
You've viewed masses of these mixy-matchy photos. And wager what, nearly all of them had been taken over a decade ago. While mixy-matchy outfits seem to be cute, the simple reality is they seem too cautiously put together.

Even if assume you appear so lovely in these styles, the simple reality is they extra resemble some thing you would see Flo put on on Mel's Diner. Carefully crafted mixy-match pix are akin to sporting a work uniform, and we have but to see a uniform that appears flattering.

And poodle skirts? " Tcha...ya understand what...Uhh uh!" Not happening. We endorse you supply all such outfits to Goodwill.

High waist denims

We're no longer positive which pot-smoking dressmaker first got here up with excessive water jeans, however there ought to be a hefty bounty out there with the trend police. Wear these clunky denims and you immediately add 15 years to your organic age.

Unless you have a prized sock collection, keep away from excessive waters like the plague. Yes, if you are 20 years historic and have a tight waist you would possibly get away with them, however definitely now not in these anti-style jeans,

The actual sin right here is the ankles. Wear these and you seem to be like an getting older hippie. Sorry, however Haight Ashbury is dead.